Facts about Mesquite Charcoal

The Secret to Gourmet Barbecue is....
100% Natural Mesquite Charcoal.... 
Where the Flavor Begins!
  • The Aztecs named it “mizquit”, or “the Honey tree”. Indians and early settlers of the American southwest and Mexico prized it. Even today mesquite reigns as the king of cooking fuels.
  • The finest restaurants in the world grill over 100% mesquite charcoal. Mesquite burns clean and hot, much hotter than charcoal briquettes. That’s why steaks, ribs, seafood and chicken are so much juicier and more delicious grilled over mesquite.
  • Grilling with mesquite has become a popular subject in many magazines, newspapers and television shows. Recently CBS featured a segment on mesquite cooking along with the Los Angeles Times, which itself has published numerous articles about the benefits and popularity of grilling with mesquite.
  •  Mesquite charcoal last longer because it is 100 % charred wood. This not only enhances the flavor of your food, it makes mesquite a healthier alternative than briquettes. Mesquite charcoal is an all natural fuel, while Briquettes contain waste material, petroleum additives and binders, all of which affect the flavor of your grilled meal.
  • 100 % Natural Charcoal truly is The King of all cooking fuels